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Module 5 – Lesson 1

Welcome to The Activities Module


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

In this Module we keep it short and sweet!

There are two videos on coaching activities that you can use to develop your Staff.  

Actitivities seem to be an area that some workplace coaches feel they get stuck – and that is perfectly understandable given most are just starting their coaching journey!  From this point on in YOUR journey you will be adding activities to your Coaching ‘Tool Kit’ – and we will give you plenty of ideas on what you can use in your sessions.


Why you need to do it:

To develop the skills, knowledge and competency in your staff – as well as confidence, self-esteem and motivation – you will need to have a range and a variety of activities for people to use to:

– gain the skills they do not currently 

– hone the skills they currently DO have (but may not be using them to the full)

– gain knowledge they do not yet have

 – improve and trust that knowledge so they can rely on it in the performance of their work roles

– make necessary shifts, for example in their attitudes or behaviour that isn’t appropriate in the workplace.

Your Coachees will need to take specific action as they acquire & practice what they will be working on in and in between their coaching sessions.  By doing so, they will begin to make improvements to their behaviour.  Remember?  THIS is why you started this journey!  To give your staff support to make improvements in their workplace performance – and the activities are a key component of that shift. 


What you actually need to do:

1. We probably do not even need to mention it at this point, but we will anyway!  Download the Workbook for this Module (you’ll find it in the Lesson Downloads tab above).

2. Watch the videos in the next Lesson and take notes

3. Research and go and gather some Coaching Actitivies.

4. Decide where you will store them.  Will you need a box for some physical items?  Will you create a folder and save the virtual activities you create and collect?

5. Check in on your Journal – write how you feel about coaching activities, what resources you currently have, and as you grow your collection, your capabilities as a workplace coach will continue to grow and expand.


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