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This is where you describe the different levels of your course, benefits/features and pricing.

Bronze Level
This workshop is centred on creating behavioural standards that give guidance for staff members AND Team Leaders responsible for managing staff performance. You'll get theoretical as well as highly practical information all leaders need to create standards that guide appropriate & desired workplace behaviour, how to implement these once created, and how to best manage them.
Provides the answers to why you sometimes see inconsistent staff performance
It's about behavioural - not operational - standards, and why most businesses lack them
The complete steps to take to eliminate the behavioural challenges in your workplace
It provides all the know-how to ensure everyone knows what is expected AND how to ensure these are consistently met
Gold Level
6 Module Course that will bring you develop your skills and stretch yourself, to engage your staff better, to build better relationships, be able to motivate your team better, and helps you hit your key workplace targets easier and faster.
It's a step-by-step program that builds your knowledge, skills & confidence
It empowers you to work at your own pace in easy to use & understand sessions
It will give you ways to have tough yet necessary conversations with your team members
It comes with real coaching examples - good and not-so-good!
Modules are released weekly from 9 July 2020. Each Module contains several Lessons.